Turnitin assignments

How to submit or download a Turnitin assignment

What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is an web-based program that works by comparing electronically submitted papers to billions of pages of content located on the Internet and proprietary databases, as well as the work of other students whose papers have also been submitted to Turnitin. This software is used by many Universities throughout Australia and internationally.

Academic integrity and plagiarism

When papers are submitted to Turnitin, sections of the papers that match other sources are highlighted and identified as matches. Analysis of the submitted document and its matches forms a Similarity Report which is made available to your teaching staff. Turnitin does not make a judgement regarding whether plagiarism has occurred. It is the responsibility of your teaching staff to interpret the report and to assess whether parts identified by Turnitin as non-original may be reasonably considered as plagiarism.

Refer to the Academic Integrity at the University of Melbourne website for important information about academic integrity and plagiarism, including advice to students and university policies. You can also find information and help at the Academic Skills website.

What can I submit to Turnitin?

Your subject coordinator will communicate to you what file types you can use when submitting your work to Turnitin:

  • If Similarity Reports are being generated, one of the following formats must be used: Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Corel WordPerfect, Adobe PostScript, PDF, HTML, RTF, OpenOffice, Hangul, Google Docs and plain text.
  • If a Similarity Report is not being generated, your teaching staff may allow any file format to be submitted.
  • Size limit: 40 MB or 400 pages – if your document is larger than either of these limits, please contact your teaching staff immediately.
  • Your document must not be password protected – ensure that you do not save your document this way.

Submit a Turnitin assignment

  1. Open your subject in the LMS and locate the Turnitin assignment. Take note of any special instructions provided by your lecturers/tutors.
  2. Click View/Complete. The Assignment Inbox appears.
    • Start/Due/Post dates are displayed. The Post date indicates the date that any feedback will be visible to students.
    • Click the information icon if you need to view instructions and assignment settings.
    Information icon
    Information icon
    • If a rubric has been attached to the assignment, you will be able to see the criteria and levels by clicking the rubric icon.
    Rubric icon
    Rubric icon
  3. Click Submit. Your name will automatically be displayed in the Submit Paper screen.
  4. Enter a Submission title.
  5. Read the Student Declaration.
  6. Read Note about successful submission, outlining that you will receive an on-screen receipt number and email after you have successfully submitted your assignment.
  7. Click the required option to select your document from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive.
Assignment submission options
Assignment submission options
  1. Once the file is selected click Upload.
  2. A preview of your paper will be displayed plus other summary details about your submission (file name, page count etc.). Check that the document you are submitting is the correct one. Click Confirm.
  3. A 'congratulations' page will appear when the document has been successfully submitted. This page includes a submission ID. This submission confirmation will also be sent to your University email address. If you do not see a submission ID you should assume that your assignment has not been submitted successfully. Either try to submit again or contact your teaching staff immediately to arrange alternate means of submission.
  4. Click Return to Assignment List to return to the Assignment Inbox.
  5. Use the breadcrumbs at the top of your page to return to your subject in the LMS.

Note: If you lecturer allows you to view your Similarity Report, it will be available through the Assignment Inbox. Click View/Complete on the assignment to access the Inbox, then click the imilarity score to open the report. The report may be visible on the assignment due date, after only a few minutes, or not at all depending on the option selected by your teaching staff.

Similarity score
Similarity score

General feedback, comments, and rubrics (if applicable) will not be visible until the assignment Post date has arrived.

Click the View button to see the feedback.

View button
View button

For more information, visit the Turnitin: Feedback Studio and Similarity Reports student guide.

Download a submitted assignment

To download a copy of your submission, navigate to the assignment submission area in your LMS subject and click on View/Complete.

View/Complete Turnitin Assignment
View/Complete Turnitin Assignment

Click on the download icon to view and select one of the three download options: Originally submitted format, PDF format, and Digital receipt.

Turnitin download options
Turnitin download options

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