Transition from student to professional with PebblePad

PebblePad is an effective platform to showcase skills and experiences developed at the University which will also provide evidence of your job readiness to potential employers after graduation. These may include activities and projects you have completed both on-campus and off-campus.

Examples that you can use to create your portfolio from your time at university may include the following:

Type of submission Ideas 


You can include volunteering activities for the University, the Student Union, as well as through external organisations such as non-profits and humanitarian organisations locally and globally.

University clubs and student union activism

These may involve committee and leadership roles within Clubs affiliated with the University.

Professional placements, practicums, Work Integrated Learning (WIL), Industry Based Learning (IBL), university sourced internships and external internships

Can log student placement and internship hours as well as skills tracking.

Add evidence of placement activities such as images, diagrams, videos, reflections and other resources (where appropriate permission to share has been given).

Achievements and projects during work experience.


These may include articles such as those published by University clubs, the Student Union and by faculties and schools as well as professional and academic publishers (News publications and academic journals).

Online blogs and professional social media presence such as LinkedIn and other professional specific platforms.

Awards and Scholarships

Academic awards for excellence within a subject or course e.g.Dean’s Honours List.

Scholarships and fellowships based on prior academic merit and other criteria.

Applications for awards and/or scholarships.

Awards recognising volunteering, University participation, and professional development activities, both on and off campus eg: Leaders in Communities Award (LiCA)

Register for the Leaders in Communities Award

Recording of ongoing professional development

Fulfilment of competencies and frameworks specific to your profession or industry.

These may include evidence of conference attendance, conference posters, and conference presentations.


Include any projects which showcase your passions such as start-ups, freelance website projects.

Digital audio/visual portfolio

Common in the arts, design and architecture disciplines and may include animations, film and other audio-visual materials to showcase to potential clients and employers.

More information

Templates that you may use for your ePortfolio on Pebblepad include:

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