Webinar recording - Canvas: Quick start

This is a recording of the live webinar. The webinar gives participants a brief overview of Canvas navigation and the beginnings of subject building using modules.

Webinar recording of Canvas quick start


This session is designed to give participants who are unable to attend the in-person workshops the confidence to start exploring the Canvas LMS, and to begin building content in their Playpen subject. At the end of the presentation, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions via chat or audio.

Topics include: dashboard, basic navigation, home page, modules, pages, announcements, syllabus page, readings online link.

Intended learning outcomes

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Review the interface of Canvas including global navigation, dashboard and subject cards
  • Become familiar with pages, including incorporating text, links, images and video
  • Become aware of modules and recognise their purpose and function
  • Explore the following subject tools: Syllabus, Announcements and Readings Online.

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