Canvas: Quizzes

This 90-minute workshop will equip staff in the fundamental skills to successfully convert their Blackboard tests to Canvas quizzes.


Quizzes can be used for formative or summative assessment and can be configured to support a range of different learning activities.

Topics include: creating a quiz, question types, setting quiz conditions, providing feedback and grades, and viewing quiz results.

Intended learning outcomes

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Recognise the contexts of use of Canvas quizzes and question banks
  • Create a Canvas quiz with appropriate settings
  • Use different quiz question types
  • Preview a quiz as a student
  • Access student quiz responses and grades
  • Provide quiz grades and feedback to students.

Workshop guides

Register for this workshop

We highly recommend that you have attended Canvas: Getting started before registering for this workshop.

To register for an upcoming workshop explore the faculty and centrally run schedules.

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As an optional pre-workshop activity, participants can log in to Canvas at with their university username and password.

Staff currently have access to a 'Playpen' subject to experiment in, as well as a 'Teaching with Canvas' subject, the space used during Canvas workshops.