Canvas: Intensive

This two-hour hands-on intensive workshop is designed for the savvy system user and condenses key aspects of the Canvas: Getting Started and Canvas: Assessment and feedback workshops.


This workshop aims to provide participants with the skills needed to build a Canvas subject, and the confidence to create a range of assignments.

Intended learning outcomes

Getting Started:

  • Identify and interact with the interface of Canvas including global and subject navigation
  • Create or edit pages, incorporating text, links, images
  • Create modules and recognise their purpose and function

Assessment and Feedback

  • Locate where to create and grade Canvas assignments
  • Provide grades and feedback using a variety of methods
  • Identify the Canvas Gradebook

Workshop guides

Register for this workshop

To register for an upcoming workshop explore the faculty and centrally run schedules.

Register via schedules

As an optional pre-workshop activity, participants can log in to Canvas at with their university username and password.

Staff currently have access to a 'Playpen' subject to experiment in, as well as a 'Teaching with Canvas' subject, the space used during Canvas workshops.