PebblePad workbook vs portfolio

Use this table to determine whether a workbook or portfolio task in PebblePad is the best for your assignment.



A workbook provides guided/scaffolded learning activities as well as many options for student engagement.

A portfolio is fully designed and curated by the student, typically as a personal, professional or creative showcase of work.

Existing PebblePad experience

Great for new students to be introduced to PebblePad due to its strong sequential structure and lack of customisation

Excellent for experienced PebblePad users to explore other templates and mix and match resources and assets to structure their own portfolio

Who does the creating?

Staff designed

Student designed

Built/edited by?



What can students do?

  • Students can only insert defined content
  • Students cannot insert additional pages

A student can:

  • Insert anything as content
  • Insert any number of pages


Students follow along the navigation and complete the parts. Every step can be scaffolded, and nothing is missed.

Students decide how navigation goes together and how they will meet the design brief. While it is more of a challenge for them to include all required components, it offers them more opportunities to show expertise and talent.


Students are not able to selectively share pages within a workbook. The complete workbook is accessible to staff.

Students are able to selectively share pages within a portfolio. The complete portfolio may or may not be accessible to staff, based on students’ permission settings

Where it is hosted in PebblePad?

As an Asset that will be found in the Asset Store

As a Resource that can be shared with all students

Where is it distributed and accessed in PebblePad?

  • Staff creates a Workbook for Students to use
  • Students access a Workbook in Pebble+ (Resource Store)
  • Students’ copy of the workbook IS always linked to the original

Can be given to the student as a portfolio with placeholder pages for students to fill in. In this case staff create a ‘template’ portfolio for students to copy:

  • The student must go to ATLAS to make a copy
  • The student copy is NOT linked to the original

Marking in ATLAS

A workbook is quite easy to mark, as everything is in the same place in each submission.

Due to the vast differences of each portfolio structure, marking experiences will be unique to each submission

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