Embed and link to Lecture Capture in the LMS

In addition to the Lecture Capture link in the subject menu, staff can embed Lecture Capture within modules, embed recordings directly in an LMS content page, or provide links to individual or sets of recordings.

Enable the Lecture Capture subject link

To make the existing Lecture Capture page available to students:

  1. Click on Settings from your subject navigation menu, then select the Navigation tab
  2. Locate the Lecture Capture link from the bottom row (indicates items are hidden from students) and select the three-dot menu, then select Enable
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save
  4. Lecture Capture is now enabled in your subject
Lecture Capture navigation settings
Lecture Capture navigation settings

Configure the Lecture Capture link

By default, the Lecture Capture link in the subject menu will direct users to all recordings in the current subject. If you are using this link in an LMS community or merged subject, you must configure this link so that it directs users to the desired Lecture Capture destination.

To configure the Lecture Capture subject link:

  1. Click on the newly created Lecture Capture link in the subject navigation menu
  2. In Step 1, you will be provided with options to Choose (or create) a section. Select the appropriate semester, course code and subject code from the dropdown options
  3. In Step 2, you can choose whether the link will direct students to all recordings, or a single recording
    • Recommended: Choose Link to the Section Home to direct users to the full list of recordings for that subject
    • Note: Link to a Classroom can be chosen to direct the link to a specific recording
  4. Click Link Content to confirm the chosen settings.
Lecture capture link configuration
Lecture capture link configuration

Embed the Lecture Capture link within a Module

You may want to add a Lecture Capture link in a module rather than (or as well as) in the subject navigation menu. This can be useful for linking to Lecture Capture recordings for a different subject, such as when a subject is co-taught.

  1. In your subject navigation menu, click Modules, then click the Add Item to Module button in your desired Module
Add item to Module
Add Item to Module
  1. In the new window, select External Tool from the Add... dropdown menu
  2. Scroll through the options provided and click on Lecture Capture Module Link, then click Add item at the bottom of the window
Lecture capture module link
Lecture capture module link
  1. Click on the newly created module item and configure the Lecture Capture link

Embed a single recording in a content page

If you have lectures or other teaching content that has been recorded and saved in the Lecture Capture system, you can embed them on content pages in your LMS subject, along with text and resources to provide context for your students.

Tip: This information also applies to reusing content from previous semesters.

Note that you can only embed content on an LMS page if it is in the My Content area of your Lecture Capture library. View our managing recordings guide for how to:

  • Create a copy of a recording to add it to your Lecture Capture library
  • Upload other types of recordings and media to your library (e.g. Zoom recordings)
  • Trim or cut segments from your recording before embedding it
  • Upload slides or pre-recorded media into Lecture Capture to accompany your lecture recordings

To embed any recording from your Lecture Capture library:

  1. Go to the page that you want to embed your recording and click Edit.
  2. Click in the spot on the page where you want to add the recording.
  3. Click the Apps/plug-in icon at the end of the editing toolbar to find a list of integrated tools.
    Note: If you can't see this icon, you may need to make your browser window larger, or click on the three vertical dots on the right side of the toolbar. This will open a drop-down menu of additional icons.
Embedding Kaltura media
Find the Plug-in icon in the editor toolbar
  1. The Select App window will display. Click on the Lecture Capture title to bring up the recordings in your library.
Select the Lecture Capture App option
Select the Lecture Capture option
  1. Choose the recording that you want to add, and click the blue Insert button at the bottom of the pop-up window.
Insert recording
Insert recording
  1. Your recording is now displayed within the content page. Students can play the recording on screen.
Example of an embedded recording in a content page
Example of an embedded recording in a content page

Embed multiple recordings from previous semesters

The information above applies to reusing content from previous semesters. Simply copy the content to your Lecture Capture library as described, then use the steps above to configure the Lecture Capture link or embed those recordings in your subject.

If a large number of recordings from a previous semester are required, please submit a support request to the Lecture Capture team to publish recordings in bulk from a previous semester into the current semester Lecture Capture page.

This guide was last updated 29 Nov 2022.
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