Subject merge

Subject merge is useful in a scenario where a single Canvas site is used to teach multiple student cohorts. Rather than maintaining multiple LMS sites, a ‘merge’ subject site is created and the 'child' subjects/enrolments are then added to it.

It is particularly beneficial where learning content is the same or similar with minor variations (eg: A subject may have the same/similar learning content but varying assessment tasks for each cohort. Assessment tasks can be setup to be shown to relevant cohorts through the use of sections.)

Important notes:

  • Once a subject is merged, student enrolments are automatically transferred from the respective child subjects to the merged subject
  • As soon as there is any recorded student participation in a merged subject, it cannot be unmerged
  • Subject Coordinators are added in Instructor roles to merged subjects [this is because merged subjects do not exist in StudentOne]
  • Merged subjects are excluded from being automatically published and must be made available to students by Teaching Staff or the relevant LMS Division Representative
  • If applicable, Subject Coordinators or Division Representatives must configure an Echo360 link in the merged subject
  • On completion of merging a subject, Teaching staff are advised to communicate the following to students via an LMS announcement from the subject:
  • Merge subject name and the ‘child’ subject IDs
  • Timetabled classes will not flow through to merged subjects (affects students’ Canvas Calendar)

To request for a merge subject, please contact your LMS Division Representative or submit a support request to Learning Environments.

This guide was last updated 03 May 2021.
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