Canvas: Faculty workshops - Architecture Building & Planning

The following workshops aim to provide you with training ahead of your subject migration consultations, in preparation for the 2020 rollout of Canvas and Kaltura.

These workshops are intended for Architecture Building & Planning subject coordinators and associated support staff teaching into 2020 subjects.

Additional faculty workshops will be scheduled for later this year. If these dates and times do not suit you, please be welcome to register onto the centrally scheduled Canvas workshops or webinars at any time.

Core workshops

These three core workshops aim to introduce Canvas, the basics of building content in your subject, creating and grading assessments (including group assignments) using a variety of methods, and to effectively utilise the communication tools available in Canvas.

Focus workshops

These additional workshops focus on particular areas in Canvas such as creating quizzes and using Kaltura as a video management platform and how it can be used for assessment purposes inside Canvas.

Current schedule of workshops

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The venue for Architecture, Building and Planning events is eLearning Studio 2, First Floor, Baillieu Library unless otherwise indicated.

Workshop descriptions