Pre-semester LMS checklist: Building your subject in Canvas

Use this checklist to make sure you have covered off all key areas when building your subject each semester.

Use this checklist to:

  • guide you through building your Canvas subject
  • check you have completed the key areas required when building your Canvas subject

You can either:

Ready for students to see your subject? Use our start of semester: subject launch checklist

Canvas workshops and professional development

Staff access to subject






Staff can create Groups for group assignment submissions or when students require access to online collaboration and communication tools to complete group work.


Staff can create Sections for administrative or teaching purposes. From 2020 onwards, the creation of tutorial groups as Sections will be supported.

Mobile app

Student Preview

The following should be checked using Student Preview within your subject:



Canvas support

  • Visit Canvas guides for step by step guides
  • Visit Canvas FAQ's for answers to common questions
  • In Canvas  technical support: click 'Support' (lower left of any Canvas page) to access 24/7 Canvas support, Canvas Guides, and more.

Project Evolve support

For guidelines on the development of online components for subjects read the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Framework.