Respondus is a windows application that enhances the functionality and usability of Blackboard's quiz and survey tools.

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What is Respondus?

Respondus is a Windows application that creates tests, surveys and question pools which can be imported into the LMS. The University of Melbourne has a campus-wide license for Respondus software.

Respondus supports up to 15 question types, including calculated and algorithmic formats. Questions can be imported from MS Word (including embedded images), Rich Text Format and tab/comma delimited formats. Custom reports, such as student scores, summary statistics, and answer distributions can also be retrieved using Respondus.

Teaching and learning applications

Respondus allows staff to develop tests and surveys offline and publish directly to one or multiple subjects in the LMS simultaneously, or to produce pools of questions to be used in tests and surveys created in the LMS. Questions can be imported from Microsoft Word (.doc), Rich Text Format (.rtf) and comma/tab separated text documents (.csv). Graphics, video and audio content as well as mathematical and scientific equations can also be inserted into questions. Respondus also allows users to make use of 'question banks' provided by text book publishers (free if the textbook is the adopted class text). Tests can now also be exported in iPod Quiz format.

Respondus can also be used to retrieve existing tests, surveys and question pools from the LMS. In addition, staff can generate reports to show question response statistics in LMS tests and surveys, and/or all student grades at a particular time.

Respondus and the LMS

Both Respondus and the Test and Survey tools within the LMS can be used to create tests and surveys. The use of Respondus is valuable in situations where staff are planning to make many LMS tests or surveys, or using large numbers of questions, or when the questions already exist in .doc (or similar) format and need to be converted for importing into the LMS.

Access and licensing

The first time you start Respondus, the license details must be entered to activate the software. The University license permits you to install a copy of the Respondus software on a home computer. However, please note that you are not permitted to provide the Respondus software or the password information to anyone who is not affiliated with our institution. Such an action is a violation of our agreement with Respondus.

A step by step guide for installation and publishing can be accessed here.

Respondus is a Windows only application and currently does not support Mac users.

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