FBE Qualtrics account and the launch of the University-wide Qualtrics licence

Notice for all FBE Qualtrics users - December 2017

The University now has a University-wide Qualtrics account. This service has now been launched to the whole University and is available to all staff and research students.

For some time FBE has had its own Qualtrics account. If you are a current user of the FBE Qualtrics account please continue to use this FBE access to Qualtrics.

Due to the size of the FBE account we are working closely with Qualtrics to schedule the migration of the FBE account to the University account.

All surveys will stay alive as we migrate the accounts. We will advise the migration schedule once arranged with Qualtrics.

For new Qualtrics users within FBE, a single sign-on access to the University's Qualtrics account has also been launched now available at this link for new all users.

A University Qualtrics support page is now available and includes links to guides and other resources.

Please refer to this page about Qualtrics if you have any queries. Requests for further information can be made through the LMS support request form.