Green Impact ePortfolio contest

Thank you to everyone for your entries. The contest is now closed to new submissions.

The contest

Win a prize for a simple ePortfolio page!

To enter:

  1. Create a new Page in PebblePad on the theme: “What our team has learned” (full details below). 
    You can easily log in to PebblePad using your student/staff account and click Get Creative to create a new Page. (Guidelines: See an example in PebblePad with an optional instructional video.)
  2. Create a web-sharing link in PebblePad. Please do not add an expiry date to your link.
  3. Submit your web-share link by clicking the button at the top of this page and filling out the one-page Qualtrics survey.

The prizes

Prizes will be awarded in November 2022.

The prizes are:

All six winning entries will also be displayed on the University of Melbourne website’s showcase page as an example of excellent ePortfolio practice – a great link to share on LinkedIn or with prospective employers, should you wish to.

The prompt

In PebblePad, create a Page on the theme “What our team has learned”.

Log in to PebblePad using your student/staff account and click Get Creative to create a new Page. (Guidelines: See an example in PebblePad with an optional instructional video.) You may make several Pages to make a Portfolio if you wish, but you need to create at least one PebblePad Page.

You may use text, imagery, audio files and video files in any combination you like. You are most welcome to use existing materials from your activities. For example, you may like to include images of your team attending an event, images of team members working on individual activities, that you have taken throughout the year. If you prefer to work entirely in text, that’s okay as well, or any other mode – if you’d like to include audio or video recordings, etc. An entry could even comprise a recording of your team presenting together on Zoom, along with a brief text introduction.

Your work must comply with copyright law – that is, we must not plagiarise others’ work. Creative Commons (CC) work is absolutely okay if you choose to incorporate it; just be sure to attribute the creator if the CC licence includes “BY”.

Criteria for winning entries

A panel will select winners whose work:

  • Demonstrates reflection (whether through reflective writing or any other mode, such as video)
  • Tells a story in a cohesive, curated way
  • Abides by copyright regulations.

The panel will favourably consider entries that show a process of learning from a mistake, failure, or an early design or plan that had to be changed.


If you have questions that are not answered on this page, you can contact us at

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