The LMS provides basic email functionality. Email can be sent to members of a subject or community via the Email tool. This feature facilitates communication with various combinations of student and staff users based on their role in the subject or community.

Emails are sent to users via their University of Melbourne email address, but they will not be able to see the names of other recipients of the same email. The address of the sender will show their University email address. Any replies to email messages go to the person’s University email account not the LMS. The Email tool in the LMS does not have a 'sent items' box as you would find in a standard email program, instead, the sender will receive a copy of the email they have sent, and the return receipt showing recipient details, if this option is selected.

The information below describes the process of sending email as a staff member. The Email tool can also be added to a content page or made available via groups pages. When either of these options is selected, students are also able to use the tool themselves to communicate with other subject members.

  1. From the Control Panel select Subject Tools, Send Email.
  2. On the Send Email page, select which users you wish to send the email to. To send to an existing group of users, you can choose from 'All Users', 'All Groups', 'All Student Users', 'All Tutor Users', and 'All Coordinator Users'.  To send an email to specific user(s), select Single/Select Users. To send an email to specific groups, select Single/Select Groups.
    • Note: If you select Single/Select Users or Single/Select Groups you will need to select the users to receive the email. Click a name then click the arrow (in centre) to move from one side to another as needed.
      Only groups that are available to students will be available to select from the To list.
Select the individuals to receive the email (on the left) and move them to the selected column (on the right) using the arrows.
Select the individuals to receive the email (on the left) and move them to the selected column (on the right) using the centre arrows.
  1. Enter the title of the email in the Subject field.
    • Note: The LMS subject name will automatically be added as a prefix to the subject line when the email is sent.
  2. Enter the email text in the Message field.
  3. Select the Return Receipt check box if you wish to receive a copy of the email that also lists the email recipients.
    • Notes: Even if Return Receipt is not selected, the sender will automatically receive a copy of the email, though without the list of recipients.
      Recipients are not able to see the names of other recipients.
      The Return Receipt is not available to students using the email tool.
  4. To attach a file to the email, click Attach a File and browse for the file on your computer.
  5. Click Submit.

This guide was last updated 29 Aug 2018.
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