Subject creation

When new versions of subjects are created in StudentOne they are automatically created in the LMS.

How are new subjects generated in the LMS?

When new subjects or new versions of subjects are created in StudentOne, a corresponding LMS subject is automatically created in the LMS. The LMS subject is created either 180 days prior to the subject start date or, if inside the 180 day window, as the change is made in StudentOne.

How are subject coordinators added to LMS Subjects?

Any staff added to a subject in StudentOne will automatically appear in the LMS subject.

I need access to a subject, but it is not in my LMS

I am the coordinator

Contact your LMS faculty representative to request access to the subject.

I am not the coordinator

Contact the subject coordinator and ask them to add you to the subject within the LMS. The Staff Management guide will assist them with that process.

What is "Subject Merge"?

Subject merge allows students enrolled in a particular LMS subjects to access a related LMS subject (parent).

It is useful for scenarios where the same content is delivered simultaneously in two or more subjects. Rather than construct and maintain multiple LMS subjects, staff manage the single parent subject. Students from multiple merged subjects then access the parent subject, but will see the subject name and code of the subject they are enrolled in.

If you require a subject merge please contact the service desk.