Content and copyright

Advice and guidelines about intellectual property of materials on the LMS.

Intellectual property in the LMS

All course material on the LMS is the intellectual property of the University and the teaching staff who have created it. Teaching materials include the subject content which you create and share with students through the LMS, such as lecture notes, powerpoint presentations, subject guides, examination marking guides, and subject readers.

The University, under the terms of the Copyright Act, is permitted to allow third party material (such as journal articles) to be used for teaching and educational purposes, according to strict guidelines. A complete guide to the use of third party materials is available from the Copyright Office. The University Library provides a Readings Online service which can create electronic copies of your subject's required and recommended readings for you to upload to your subject's LMS site. Readings Online staff will provide this material for you in strict accord with the University's copyright obligations.

Links to external sources

Not every resource that you wish to share with your students will be available through the University Library or in text format. The LMS can also be used to share external websites of interest including multimedia such as images, audio files or YouTube videos.

When linking to external content it is very important to consider copyright obligations. Please review the Copyright & Teaching webpage for detailed information. It is important that you link to, rather than embed, content and that you take steps to ensure that the resource you have chosen is reputable and does not itself impinge copyright.

Copyright for guest access and external users

Should you choose to make your subject open to guests or to external users, please note that access to any copyright material included on the LMS under Part VB of the Copyright Act 1968 must be restricted to students enrolled at the University of Melbourne. Access for external or guest users is not permitted. You can manage access to copyright materials through the permissions (see the guide to Content Collection - set correct permissions) and adaptive release settings.

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