Community creation and management

Use an LMS community for sharing resources, projects, collaborative research, and online communication with colleagues, groupings of students, or a general community of interest.

Each community must have at least one University staff member as a leader, and a number of participants (staff and/or students). The leader of a community will be responsible for maintaining the site and managing the participants.

How do communities differ from subjects?

LMS communities have the same features and structure as LMS subjects, and are just as customisable. However, while LMS subjects are suitable for the delivery of a specific instance of a taught course because their enrolments are strictly governed by StudentOne teaching periods, community membership is more flexible and communities can continue to exist across years. Communities are displayed to members on the Communities tab in the LMS.

Some communities are restricted to invited participants while other communities are self-enrol or open to all members of the University. Refer to the community policy if you are unsure if you need a community.

Submit a request for a community

A request for a community may ONLY be made by a University of Melbourne staff member using the support request form.

Select 'Community management' as your issue, and provide a name for your community in the 'Subject code/ID' field. Then enter a short description for the purpose of the community in the 'Description' field.

You will receive confirmation when your community has been created, along with information about how to proceed with populating and maintaining your community.