Groups may be created within an LMS subject or community for the purposes of communication, collaborative work, or administration.

Groups can have exclusive access to tools to facilitate group work: a discussion board, group email, wikis, blogs journals and file sharing.

Importing group membership

Groups may be populated by importing a .CSV file containing Group Code and User Name information. Here is an example .CSV file.

Common problems experienced when attempting to import

Too many columns in the .CSV file

The group membership file should contain Group Code and User Name columns only (see example file). Do not include any other data in this file.

Group Name used instead of Group Code

Group codes are not always the same as group name. Group codes are not visible until you have exported from the groups page. Once you have, the export file or View Options / Show Group Codes will display the code for you.

Typically, anywhere there is a space in your group name, a _gc_ is put into the group code. Therefore a group name of 'Tutorial 1' usually becomes a group code of 'Tutorial_gc_1'. Note: If you try to guess the group code without exporting first, even if the code is correct, you may get an "unrecognised group code" error when you attempt the import.

Additional spaces

If the .CSV import file contains additional spaces before or after Group Codes or User Names, the group or user will not be recognised. Remove the additional spaces and retry.

Access Denied error

See the known issue.


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