Blackboard LMS: Retired support resources

Support resources for Blackboard LMS are provided in an archived format for the benefit of staff requiring access to Blackboard during our transistion to Canvas. These resources will soon be retired.

Support and administration

Getting started

Staff in teaching roles need to become familiar with the University's Learning Management System (LMS). Subject and community management in the LMS requires a University staff identity.

Assessment and feedback

Online assessment is a powerful method to engage students, encourage learning and test student understanding of subject content. The LMS offers a wide variety of features to support assessment of students. Staff can offer both subjective and objective assessments using the following tools. There are numerous ways to track the participation, engagement and achievement of students in your subject.

Communication and Collaboration

The LMS offers a number of features to support communication and collaboration within subjects and communities. The various communication tools can help manage the sharing of information and promote interactions between members.

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