Staff roles and management

You can add teaching and support staff to your LMS subject in one of a variety of defined roles such as tutor or designer.

Subject coordinators can add teaching and support staff to an LMS subject in particular defined roles:

  • Subject Coordinator/Community Leader - full teaching staff powers
  • Tutor/Assistant - wide but limited powers, e.g. cannot add staff or export subject
  • Designer - can add and delete material but has no access to student work or grades
  • Marker - can access student work and enter grades, but not add or delete material

Individuals can only be given a staff role in the LMS if they have a staff identity.

For example, if you employ graduate students as tutors, they must activate their staff identity before you can add them to your subject site as the LMS will reject their Unimelb student identity in a staff role.

Once the staff members are added to the site, they should utilise the Staff Information tool within the LMS subject or community to create a profile displaying contact information and office hours if appropriate as well as personal details and a photo.


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