LMS maintenance schedule

Dates on which the LMS may be unavailable due to maintenance.

A number of predetermined LMS maintenance windows are scheduled during the year to allow for any planned system updates or technical fixes to be applied to the LMS. These may result in the LMS being unavailable for several hours. The dates have been scheduled to minimise any impact on teaching and learning and are based on the University academic calendar.

The precise scheduling of outages will be advertised following engagement with Academic Units and the approval of Business Impact Review (BIR) reports by Academic Services leadership. This ensures that on a case by case basis LMS maintenance windows cause the least disruption to staff and student learning and teaching activities.

The LMS will be unavailable for the least amount of time possible.

A reminder notice of each outage will be provided to staff and students at least 10 working days in advance.

LMS maintenance schedule 2017

  1. Friday 21 July 10:00pm - Saturday 22 July 12:00pm (noon) *
  2. Monday 18 December, 6:00am - 5:00pm *

LMS maintenance schedule 2016

  1. Saturday 30 January - Sunday 31 January
  2. Saturday 19 March - Sunday 20 March
  3. Monday 27 June - Tuesday 28 June
  4. Saturday 17 September - Sunday 18 September *
  5. Monday 5 December - Tuesday 6 December *

* Maintenance window utilised